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Wilshire Corridor

Most Recent Sales

The Carlyle Residences Wilshire Corridor Represented Seller 10776 Wilshire Boulevard Unit 1004 Listed & Sold at $4,295,000 Sold After Only 3 Days On The Market! (Click for more photos)

The Wilshire Manning Wilshire Corridor Represented Seller 10660 Wilshire Boulevard Unit 1404 Listed & Sold at Full Asking Price $1,199,000 Received Multiple Offers Sold After Only 3 Weeks On The Market! (Click for more photos)

The Wilshire Manning Wilshire Corridor Represented Seller 10660 Wilshire Boulevard Unit 1708 Listed & Sold Above Asking Price List Price: $1,499,000 Sold Price: $1,590,000 Received 9 Offers Sold After Only 2 Weeks On The Market! (Click for more photos)

Downtown Los Angeles Iconic Douglas Building Represented Buyer 257 S. Spring St. Penthouse C List Price: $969,000 Sale Price I Negotiated: $925,000

Marina Del Rey Represented Buyer 13600 Marina Pointe Drive #808 List Price: $1,359,000 Sale Price I Negotiated: $1,305,000

West Los Angeles Represented Buyer 1615 Stoner Avenue #1 List Price: $925,000 Sale Price I Negotiated: $900,000

Bell Canyon Represented Buyer 38 Appaloosa Lane List Price: $1,599,000 Sale Price I Negotiated: $1,510,000 (Click for more photos)

Ten Five Sixty Wilshire Corridor Represented Buyer 10560 Wilshire Boulevard Unit 708 Beat Multiple Offers in a Very Competitive Market Sold Price: $1,230,000

Beverlywood OFF MARKET SALE Represented Buyer 8932 25th St. Purchase Price: $1,100,000

The Wilshire Manning Wilshire Corridor Represented Seller 10660 Wilshire Boulevard Unit 707 List Price: $759,000 Sold Price: $759,000 Received Multiple Offers (Click for more photos)

The Wilshire Regent Wilshire Corridor Represented Buyer 10501 Wilshire Boulevard Unit 1408 Negotiated & Sold $30k Under Asking Price For $650,000

Reseda Represented Buyer 7758 Chimineas Avenue Beat Multiple Offers in a Very Competitive Market Sold for $730,000


Silver Lake Represented Buyer 263 Union Place 4 Unit Investment Property Offer Accepted in a Multiple Offer Situation List Price: $696,000 Sale Price: $720,000

West Los Angeles Represented Buyer 1741 Granville Ave #107 List Price: $675,000 Sale Price after competing with multiple offers: $690,800

Studio City Condominium Represented Buyer 4601 Coldwater Canyon Offer Accepted in a Multiple Offer Situation List Price: $625,000 Sale Price I Negotiated: $640,000 (Click for more photos)

Pasadena Represented Buyer 497 Garfield Offer Accepted in a Multiple Offer Situation List Price: $625,000 Sale Price I Negotiated: $638,000

Woodland Hills OFF MARKET SALE Represented Buyer 20713 Collins St. Sold Off Market Land lot Sold for $160,000

Brentwood - Kenter Canyon Represented Tenant 12515 Cloud Lane Lease Price: $8,250


The Wilshire Wilshire Corridor Represented Tenant 10580 Wilshire Boulevard 12NW List Price: $12,000 Lease Price I Negotiated: $10,500

West Hollywood Represented Landlord 122 North Clark Drive #104 List Price: $3,760 per Month Lease Price: $4,000 per Month (Click for more photos)

Wilshire Manning Wilshire Corridor Represented Owner & Tenant 10660 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 1404 List Price: $5,000 Lease Price: $4,900 (Click for more photos)

Bel Air Represented Owner 1020 Moraga Lease Price: $4,800 (Click for more photos)

Westwood/Century City 1887 Greenfield Unit 203 Leased for $3,000 in less than 2 weeks. Represented Lessor & Lessee (Click for more photos)

"Lauren did a great job for me and Rahul during our search for a home. She was a delight to work with. She walked us through the basics as we did our first ever home purchase, with patience and good humor. She did what was in our best interests, even if it entailed more work and inconvenience on her part. She was easy to reach, and went above and beyond – for instance sharing an online resource with us that cast our net wider and gave us real-time access to information that ultimately reassured us through the process. All the way through closing, she held our hand through the difficult ups and downs of securing our mortgage, and final inspections of our home. We love our new place and couldn’t have gotten here without her."



"My wife and I moved from our home on the east coast to Los Angeles only a few months ago. Lauren worked with us over a year prior to explore the different parts of the city and gain valuable knowledge about the housing market. By the time we arrived, we had a lofty goal of finding a home within a short time frame. Not only did she help us succeed, but we love our home and gained a good friend in the process. We highly recommend working with Lauren, she makes the process fun and fights for your best interests at every opportunity. Although we have no plans of moving for quite some time, we look forward to working with her again!!"


"I was recently connected with Lauren to sell my house which I had been trying to sell for nearly a year with little to no luck. I’m in sales myself and am one of the best in the country in my respective profession. I was told that she’s literally a female version of me - i.e. smart, witty, sharp  and all in all, “a real go getter!” At first, I had my doubts because let’s face it... “a female version of me...,” YA RIGHT!!! Much to my surprise, however, she was all that and a bag of frito lays. Upon meeting her, I was amazed with her energy, her enthusiasm and her zest to produce results which, let’s face it, had been illusion for me thus far. She got to work RIGHT AWAY - unlike some of the previous agents who crawled at turtle speed, AT BEST. She was able to get me 3 offers in less than 45 days and at ultimately, closed for $945k - $45k more than i was originally asking. I told her i would be willing to even accept $850k if needed but instead of just taking the first small offer that came along, she stuck with it and ultimately got me more than i was asking in the first place. I’m a believer!!! She’s not just “a female version” of me... I’ll go as far as saying, she’s even better than me in making it happen for her clients. If you want the status quo of a realtor - lazy, unresponsive, no real sense of urgency to do the job, don’t hire Lauren. But if you want quick and positive results from a real go-getter, don’t even think twice... LAUREN TIZABI IS YOUR GIRL!!! Thanks again, Lauren. Wish you all the success & prosperity in the world. My family and I thank you!"


Lauren is an amazing agent whom I thoroughly enjoyed working with. Not only was she able to sell my condo in less than 2 weeks time, but she also got me 9 offers in total before closing escrow over our initial asking price. She is well connected in the community and introduced me to vendors who brought in great value (staging, contractors, etc.) On a personal level, she is very genuine and kind. She went above and beyond to cater to my need as a client. When dealing with real estate, regardless of the transaction, you have to work with someone you can trust and connect with. Lauren is definitely an agent I would recommend going with. She will always have her client's best interest at heart and her knowledge in this business is unparalleled.


"Lauren is an amazing agent! She was able to lease our condo two weeks after the initial listing. With the current market and everything going on with the pandemic, Lauren was a godsend. From the get-go, she was extremely enthusiastic and on point with everything she said. Prior to our meeting she had already run the comps and had done her due diligence to make sure that we could get everything done as soon as possible. Lauren did many showings over the span of two weeks and did not rest until she found the perfect tenants. I greatly appreciated how communicative and responsive she was with me. She always made sure to make herself available to answer any of my questions or concerns. I 100% would work with Lauren in the future and anyone reading this should pick up their phone and dial her number. I promise you won't be disappointed."


"Sorry Lauren!!!   But you deserve this review. There are thousands of Real Estate agents in Southern California, but none hold a candle to Lauren.  Whether you are buying or selling she will take amazing care of you.  Her attention to details, unbelievable follow through and passion to be the best in the business. She had no hidden agendas.  And when she says that she represents the buyer she means it. She is the toughest when it comes to negotiating.  And if you are selling, she is on point with all the details you need to get top dollar. Nobody beats Lauren!  Thanks again for all you did for us!"


"I HIGHLY recommend using Lauren as your agent if you are SERIOUS about buying your first (or next) home!

Here's why...

My Fiancé and I were first time home buyers in an extremely competitive seller's market. We had no idea just how tough buying a home in the San Fernando Valley was going to be.

Lauren helped us navigate all of the hurdles we faced. She gave us the guidance we needed to make the most informed decisions possible and helped is to understand when we should step out of our comfort zone in order to get a house we wanted.

We were putting in 1 to 4 offers every week for a few months. There were homes that were receiving offers of anywhere from $80K to $100K offers asking price . Some offers were all cash and removed all contingencies (I literally had no idea what any of that meant before or why it was important, but with Lauren's help it all became clear).

To be honest, it was very discouraging at times but Lauren did an amazing job of being our cheerleader when we needed our spirits lifted so we could continue our search. All of the hard work of going to see multiple houses and putting in multiple offers every week, all in the midst of the pandemic, FINALLY paid off!

We took Lauren's advice and guidance, put it to use and we finally got an offer accepted on a house that we absolutely love!

We were freaking out a bit went we started escrow on the house, because it was our first time and we didn't want anything to go wrong! But Lauren stepped in again to give us the re-assurance and guidance we needed to get through the escrow process. Everything went surprisingly smoothly. We even managed to get a credit for repairs from the seller which (from what we've heard) doesn't happen often.

We are so grateful for all of Lauren's help. She made herself available for all of our questions (and we had a ton, being first time buyers), she stayed on top of the selling agents making sure our offers were being taken seriously and keeping us informed through the process!

The moment you start seriously considering buying a new home, I recommend talking to Lauren! She went above and beyond for us and made sure we had the best possible chance to get a home at every step of the process!

You're the best Lauren, thank you so much!!!!"


"Lauren was great to work with and also made the stressful task of looking for a home, fun and enjoyable. She was very re-assuring, explained the process, the details of an offer, etc. As a first time home-buyer, that was very important. Communication was key and she was always around to answer our questions. While Covid-19 made it a little tough to visit homes and appointments going fast, Lauren was always doing what she could to ensure we were scheduled, had all printouts of locations ready and had an itinerary on hand to tackle our home visit tours. Thank you Lauren for getting us into our first home!"


"Represented me on a sale of a condominium. Excellent in marketing the property, took care of all the showings, and worked through multiple offers with a variety of buyers ranging in sophistication and sincerity. Got offer at asking and closed before projected escrow period. And she did this all during COVID. Very easy to deal with and super communicative."


"I cannot recommend Lauren more highly. From the start of our journey together, she has never let me down. She is really on top of things and followed up quickly on any apartment I was interested in seeing. Lauren is great with advice, while keeping an objective point of view. She’s a closer and a great negotiator. If you’re looking for someone to go up to bat for you in this seller’s market, Lauren’s your person."


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