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Need To Sell During The Pandemic? Here Are Some Tips.

by Shirley Martin

Image via Pexels

Selling a home is not always easy. And the pandemic has added complications as many Americans continue to self-isolate and have changed their buying plans. But that does not mean that you cannot sell your home in the shortest amount of time and for the best price. Here are some tips to help you navigate your way through an ever-changing real estate market.

Choose the right listing agent.

Selling a home involves more than just pricing it right and hoping you get an offer. In today’s unstable market, you have to choose the right agent and make sure to utilize every tool available to you.

There are good listing agents, and there are great listing agents. The difference between the two can have a big impact on your ability to sell for a fair and reasonable price. A great listing agent like Lauren G. Tizabi understands user activity, and can put your home in front of the right buyer—even in a primarily electronic market.

Your agent should be comfortable utilizing both your local MLS as well as national services and social media. They’ll be the first to tell you that photos and videos are the way to go, and will have a plan in place to capture your home at its very best. Perform in-depth interviews, and choose an agent who’s not afraid to market aggressively using all available digital channels.

If you’ve never had to clean and stage a home for photos, plan to hire a maid service to perform a deep cleaning, which will serve the secondary benefit of making your home sanitary in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. When it comes to staging, you can hire a professional home stager to help you impress buyers and stage your home to sell.

Keep it clean.

Once your home has been cleaned from top to bottom, plan to keep it that way. If sanitation is your primary concern, Cleaning Product Reviews suggests doing things like wiping down high-touch items, using a diluted bleach solution to disinfect the bathroom, and washing your hands regularly, which can prevent transmission of the novel coronavirus.

Part of cleaning is getting rid of excess clutter, so plan to spend a few days doing this as well. Remove any furniture that you don’t routinely use, and take out-of-season clothing, shoes, and other personal belongings to storage. While boxing these items, label them clearly so that you will know where they go when it’s time to move them into your new home. If you’re working from home, make sure your desk area is neat and tidy and that you have security on your computer in the off chance a visitor gets unnecessarily curious.

Entertain and engage the kids.

Something many sellers don’t consider is how the kids will react to the entire process. Unfortunately, selling a home will disrupt their lives, and they will have to live a slightly modified lifestyle until closing day. Since the kids are stuck at home, you also have to help them cope in ways they would not have just a few months ago. Part of this is that they’ll need to learn extra tidying strategies, and they may be leaving the house more often because of showings.

Look for innovative ways to keep the kids entertained during these disruptions. One way to do so is to invest in a new device, such as a tablet or laptop, so that they can watch TV and play games. And if you have to stay at home during showings, make sure you have a great pair of headphones so that their media doesn’t disrupt the visit.

Although you have a choice to sell now or wait, keep in mind that real estate is still moving. Listing now can help you move on so that you can ride out the rest of the pandemic in a space that meets your family's needs. Adjust your strategies accordingly, and things will fall into place.

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